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Steps to Consider When Promoting Open Science

By: Denisse Albornoz Research Associate, OCSDNet This post is the second of a series on the main OCSDNet research findings gathered at our Bangkok network meeting in February. This post focuses on mechanisms to understand the challenges of decontextualized open knowledge sharing. Summary: To realize the potential of openness and collaboration in science, we need […]

Open Science & Inclusive Innovation

The “Open Science and Inclusive Innovation” Symposium, co-hosted by NIA and OCSDNet, will discuss the role of openness and collaboration in science and innovation as a framework for development thinking and practice. Approximately 100 stakeholders related to Science, Technology, and Innovation in Thailand and ASEAN, as well as visiting members of 12 OCSDNet research project teams […]

OCSDNet 2016 Network Meeting in Bangkok

The OCSDNet team is gearing up for our mid-project network meeting this week in Bangkok. The meeting is an opportunity for project teams, coordinators, and advisors to come together to share lessons learned and accomplishments achieved during the first year of the projects. Representatives from each of the 12 sub-projects are flying in from around the globe and we […]