PAPER: Opening and control in governmentality algorithmic

FILE | July 21, 2016

This article appears as unfolding of a presentation made at the Seminar Information and Internet, organized by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT) in Brasilia, August 2015. With the title “Opening and Control”, the debate also included the participation of researchers Sarita Albagli and Sergio Amadeu.

The proposed topic (Opening and Control) allows you to address some issues that are on two projects that interface’m driving right now: Open Science and Local Development (1); Technopolitical and Knowledge Set. This article is also an offshoot of the propositions presented in a small essay “Privacy as a common good” (2) and reflections caused by recent reading of two texts: an article by Antoinette Rouvroy (3) and a test Amador Fern├índez-Savater (4 ).