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Le libre accès vu par un jeune sénégalais

Assane Fall, a young librarian from Senegal, blogs about his experience learning about Open Access and its relevance for development in Africa. He and his team are preparing for Open […]

First Round of OCSDNet Grants Awarded

October 2014 marked the launch of the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet), a research network aiming to gather observations on whether, and under which conditions, open approaches […]

5. Lidia Brito, on Open and Collaborative Science towards enhancing South-South Cooperation

  Why are you interested in supporting OCSDNet? I think that when we talk about open and collaborative science for development it’s really a very important movement. More than ever, scientific […]

4. Cameron Neylon on Open Science, and understanding people’s needs in terms of research

Why are you interested in participating and supporting the OCSDNet? For me the point of open science, open access, open data -all of those things- is to provide opportunities for […]

3. Apiwat Ratanawaraha on Inclusive Development, Innovation and Open Knowledge

     Why are you interested in supporting the OCSDNet? I believe that fundamentally knowledge should be open. That’s the bottom line for promoting development. This belief started a while […]

2. Hebe Vessuri on Open Science, from a Social Scientist’s perspective

Why are you interested in supporting OCSDNet? I became interested in supporting the OCSDNet because I think it is an attractive endeavor. It’s one that invites a broad variety of […]