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Multi-Institutional Research Collaboration: Regulation, Ethics and Power

By: Cath Traynor, Laura Foster & Tobias Schonwetter of Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Adaptation Project SUMMARY •The ‘Empowering Indigenous People and Knowledge Systems’ project has sought to use participatory research methods to minimize power relations and blur the lines between ‘researcher’ and ‘researched.’ • However, international collaborations between institutions with different ethical review boards […]

Open Science in Haiti and Francophone Africa (SOHA)

By Dieyi Diouf of Le Project SOHA   The Project Open Science in Haiti and Francophone Africa (SOHA) is part of the OCSDNetwork funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). It has been active since January 2015 and will run until December 2016, under the joint direction of Professors Diéyi Diouf (Senegal) and Florence Piron […]